About Me

Hello, my name is Anna.  I live in San Francisco in a small one bedroom apartment with my husband Roderic.  We have a small kitchen, with a fridge that is shorter than me (and I’m only 5’ 2” and a half!).  Living the city life has always been a dream of mine, and the small kitchen comes with the territory.


I am starting this blog as a diary of sorts, in order to document recipes and other thoughts (disclaimer: most of my thoughts tend to be related to food).  I’ve had a relationship with food ever since I was a child, but I am just now discovering “the joy of cooking” (who knew it wasn’t just a catchy name for a book?).  Food is my happy place, and I like to experiment in the kitchen when I have time.

In today’s busy world, it is so great to find simple yet inspired recipes (never leave me, slow-cooker!).  I try to cook as healthy as possible without sacrificing flavor.  I like to use local and fresh ingredients, as long as they are affordable.  I love fresh fruits and seafood.  Traveling the world and living in the foodie culture and melting pot of California has really inspired me to play jazz with different flavor palettes from around the world and make it my own.

I’m incredibly lucky that I have a supportive, non-picky eater in my husband—who happily enjoys every meal with me. To me, food is so much more than sustenance—it brings people together, comforts, and creates lasting memories.